Being an authorized 3S dealership, our services are starkly distinguished from the typical roadside workshop. The difference can be attributed to the transparency in our operations and the highly skilled manpower we possess, which is further supplemented by the use of state of the art technology, exclusively designed for the diagnosis, repair, maintenance and body of your car. 


Mechanical Repair & Periodic Maintenance

This department includes a Suzuki certified team that caters to periodic maintenance, minor repairs and heavy repairs. Our team is equipped with the latest software and devices used to cater to any diagnosis or repair to your car.


Body Shop

Our facility is equipped with a dedicated paint booth capable of complete filtration of dust along with temperature control. We boast a high level of reliability in our work as our paint products are of optimum quality and are mixed and matched using computerized paint mixing. The body shop is the perfect avenue if you want to get your car's body repaired, redone or customized. Also, If your car is insured and you need to get your car's body repaired or painted, just hand over your insurance policy and our body shop team will take care of the rest.



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