How Good Is The EFI Engine?

As much as the patriotism within us would hate to admit, the bitter reality is that Pakistan is chronologically considered to be in the trunk rather than the rear seat with respect to technological progress. However it is appeasing (or not) that owing to the monopoly of Japanese multinationals in automobile manufacturing our position can still be considered as 'decent'. The traditional 'carburetor' is the average citizen's idea of an engine that his/her car possesses but interestingly the tide silently and swiftly moves towards the 'electronic fuel injection (EFI)' engine. Obviously, it cannot be claimed that the EFI is engineered to perfection; it does however optimize the performance criteria of an automobile particularly fuel efficiency, emission systems, power output, ability to utilize alternative fuels and the smooth operation of the car etc., with greater consistency.

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The benefits of an EFI engine can be labeled as 'operational'. These can be enjoyed in the form of an easier and more dependable starting of the engine in addition to excellent fuel economy and an improved, more controlled system of emissions. The ability to start with ease, even on a cold engine can be attributed to the fact that this engine type has better fuel atomization coupled with a direct injection at the intake valve. On the other hand, the fact that each cylinder in the engine has its own fuel injector results in accurate and improved cylinder to cylinder distribution giving way to greater fuel efficiency. The equitable fuel distribution in the cylinders means that a lesser quantity of fuel is required for the same output of power. Another factor that augments fuel efficiency is that of the highly accurate air/fuel ratio control in the engine during operation. This is also a contributing factor to reduced emissions and better drivability of the car.

As aforementioned, the opportunity of creating the perfect engine is still up for grabs; this means that even the EFI has its limitations. While the greatest disadvantage with respect to our market is that these engines are expensive, other demerits of this type of engine can be found in the fact that it might have a high maintenance cost, things might get complicated during servicing and there might always be the possibility that one of the sensors in this electronic contraption malfunctions. Interestingly, this pessimistic approach can be neutralized to some extent. The abovementioned high maintenance cost can be neutralized to a degree; this is because the maintenance requirements of this engine are generally reduced due to the simple mechanical nature of the machine. Thus, this can mean that the maintenance cost is spread out over greater intervals or maintenance might be less tedious. However, certain aspects of maintenance could prove to be troublesome. While diagnosis of these cars is through special tech devices and software, few in our after sales market might possess the gadgets and software required to attend to EFI engines. Gladly, the gradual inheritance of professionalism in the automotive industry through dedicated and authorized service stations is steadily synchronizing the market with the development of the EFI system. The advancement of the automobile industry and technology is like every other opportunity for growth impeded by the atrocities in the country; all the more reason for car fanatics to bring out the patriots within them.

Pubished in The Express Tribune on 3rd April 2011
Ahsan Ali | Suzuki Riaz Motors