Certified Used Cars & Exchange

“Now you can drive the Suzuki Certified Used Car of your choice without it being heavy on your wallet with a name that you have trusted for decades. With Suzuki Certified Used Cars, you can be assured that you will get the best value for your money”

Certified by Pak-Suzuki

1 Year Warranty

Evaluation on 130 Check Points



Buying a used Vehicle is difficult process of sorts to handle. Every used car has its different aspects, features, condition, mileage and above all individual customer’s selection, criteria / preferences; color choice, buying price, purchasing power, value he desires and so on & so forth. The buying decision is very crucial because of the prices that will differ depending on whether you buy it from individual or from any non-authorized dealerships. Customers can own a good quality vehicle without spending as much money along with trust, faith, loyalty and un-matched priority services. Here re many essential facts for your interest that will urge you to rush at our authorized 3S (Sales, Service & Spares) dealerships across Pakistan for certified used car buying.

130 Quality check points that is our standard on which our experienced and well trained engineers evaluate the used vehicles.

All cars are repaired with Suzuki Genuine Parts (SGP)

Pak-Suzuki’s warranty up to one year.

3 – Free Services

Warranty Booklet & Certificate.

Authentic & True Sellers / Sellers’ Bonafide verified

Low mileage vehicles

Repair at authorized 3S – Dealerships

Transfer of ownership in the name of Buyer

Affordable under everybody’s price range

Finance & Insurance Facility.

Complete peace of mind and crystal clear transaction.



Exchange at Suzuki Authorized 3S dealership means a place or a platform that provide you an ideal opportunity to upgrade yourself & feel satisfy while driving a new Suzuki car. “Sincerely Yours Suzuki certified used car program” provides you a wide range of new & refurbished vehicles in replacement of your old vehicle of any make/model/color or etc. You can bring any of your old used cars at our authorized dealership for exchange sales. We will evaluate your vehicle on our standardized 130 quality check points to assess the total value of it. By just paying the difference amount, you can have the Brand new Suzuki vehicle of your choice. We offer fleet exchange services & also entertain corporate clients in this manner. Highlighted are some key points that are the USP’s of exchange.

Transparent Deal

Easy Transfer of documents

Reliable transaction

Best price for your car

Exchange Bonus

Immediate payments

Priority delivery

Finance & insurance facility



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